Theatre Arts Journal: Studies in Scenography and Performance is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, dedicated to exploring current issues in scenography in performing arts as well as the legacy of such great reformers of modern theatre like Edward Gordon Craig and Adolphe Appia. The journal is published by the Morris E. Curiel Institute at Tel-Aviv University and the Gordon Craig Society for Theatre Research (R.A.). It is an open access journal that welcomes not only theatre scholars but also practitioners and all those who have an interest in the performing arts.

The journal encourages original scholarly research that examines the visual and audial aspects of performance—stage, costume, lighting and sound design, theatre architecture, masks, puppets, and movement as a sensorial element—and their contribution to the construction of meaning within the larger political, social, and aesthetic context, in the past as in the present. Contributions belong to the following categories:

a. premises, encompassing theoretical issues

b. making history, investigating various aspects of scenography in the past as in the present

c. scenography and the director, exploring  the interaction between the designers of scenography and the designers of movement, that is, the director and/or the performer

d. performance reviews, focusing on scenography

e. book reviews

The journal is published twice a year, in the spring and fall. It will be indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.

ISSN 2076-667X